quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2006


Hoje passei o dia a ouvir Smog enquanto trabalhava. Depois resolvi ser mais indolente e procurar as letras das minhas canções favoritas para incrementar o iPod.

Aqui se recolhem algumas pérolas:

de "Drinking at the dam":
For the first part of my life
I thought women had orange skin
It was the first part of my life
Second is the rest

de "Running the loping":
Oh to live in the country
With a chicken and those other things

de "to be of use":
Most of my fantasies are of
Making someone else come
Most of my fantasies are of
To be of use

de "Strayed":
Well I never thought I'd be
One of those men
With pin-ups on their wall
For all to see
I thought that was just mechanics

de "dress sexy at my funeral":
Dress sexy at my funeral my good wife
And when it comes your turn to speak before the crowd
Tell them about the time we did it
On the beach with fireworks above us

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