sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2006

Save Deadwood

Hoje enviei este email à HBO:

Dear People of HBO:
Your channel has created some of the best fiction series in the history of television. However, in my opinion, Deadwood outshines all of them for it´s amazing quality in all fields: script, photography, acting, wardrobe, etc... it is an absolute masterpiece. This series is what I would like television to be in general.
It made me very sad to hear that your channel plans to cancel this series.
I am a Portuguese living in Portugal and although I don´t watch your channel, I follow your series like Deadwood, The Wire, Carnivale and Entourage by buying the DVD boxes.
I guess that I don´t enter the count of your ratings but still, I am a willing payer of your high quality product.
It is sad to think that an outstanding piece of work such as Deadwood is might end just because of low number of tv viewers. But do remember that your program can still be profitable in other markets and supports.
Please put your marketing people to work and let the artists that make Deadwood continue to contribute to the world with a piece of art that enriches our contemporary civilization.
thank you for your kind attention,

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